Warehousing & logistics

At RIIS LOGISTICS A / S we think logistics 24/7, and we would therefore like to carry out the prior and / or subsequent transports, in connection with your warehousing and logistics tasks.

In our 2500 m2 warehouse, everything is offered from storage, palletizing, labeling, picking / packing tasks, handling etc. We handle machines, pallets, carpets, IBCs, big bags and other goods, that are part of modern industrial production.

Together, we offer to find a sensible solution to your specific warehousing and logistics tasks. This facilitates everyday life, and you can focus on the most important thing, the sale of your products.

We have a great deal of know-how in storage, handling, packing and distribution, and the benefits of putting these together in one place, is greater security and easier administration.

Contact us today, and find out more about our warehouse, and what we can offer your company.