Welcome to RIIS LOGISTICS A / S.

RIIS LOGISTICS was established in 2001, when our founder Kristian Riis, after many years as a freight forwarder in Padborg, moved to Hamburg to start the company.

After 6 years in Germany, Kristian chose to move back home, after which RIIS LOGISTICS A / S was opened in Padborg. After that things have gone fast. With a continuous supply of talented employees, we currently have 15 employees in the Padborg office and 3 employees in our branch in Poland's 4th largest city, Wroclaw.

Today, our dispatchers employ 50 trucks, primarily transporting industrial goods to and from Europe. In addition, we have more than 30 years of experience in the transport of carpet rolls, where we deliver carpets with special cars and equipment, primarily to Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland.

In collaboration with our office in Padborg, our colleagues in Poland have a large network of "sprinters", which are vans, with a loading capacity of 4 - 8 pallets, that can deliver urgent goods day to day throughout Europe. This business area has grown a lot over the last years, since the "just in time" principle is very important for many of our customers.

In 2015, Michael Justesen was appointed the new CEO as he, throughout his until then, 6 years in the company, and through his insight into day-to-day operations, was the right one to continue RIIS LOGISTICS A / S, and to lead the company further.

Today, the circle of owners consists mostly of employees and partly of investors.

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