Transport of dangerous goods / ADR

At RIIS LOGISTICS A/S we can offer many kinds of transports, including transport of dangerous goods.

RIIS LOGISTICS A/S has extensive experience in transporting dangerous goods, and we have our own trained safety adviser, who is trained in accordance with the rules of the Danish Emergency Management Agency.

We focus on person-and environmental safety throughout the transport process, and we always follow the rules, guidelines and the provisions of the ADR Convention. Therefore, you can you trust, that the goods have been loaded and secured properly, and that the safety rules have been upheld, when the goods arrive at the delivery place.

Cross-border road transport of dangerous goods, must in our part of the world, follow the ADR Convention, which in Denmark has been implemented through a decree on road transport of dangerous goods.

Dangerous goods is a common term for substances and objects, that can cause damage to people, the environment or property, if not handled correctly during transport. It can for example be chemicals, gas bottles, gasoline, diesel, non-water based paints, turpentine, hydrochloric acid or lithium batteries.

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